These help files can help you learn about many of the things you can do in Isle of Minutia. You'll learn how to enter the Isle of Minutia universe, how to move and teleport, how to change your view, how to talk to other visitors, and how you can use a web browser to view homepages and other HTML documents. You'll also get information on sound and music and other information for optimizing your experience.

The Isle of Minutia Desktop Browser

The Isle of Minutia Browser is the software icon you click on your desktop to activate and visit the Isle of Minutia cyber portal.

As an extension of Miniature World's real world attraction. Minutia is a place that you can inhabit along with other visitors from around the world who may also be logged in at the same time as you are. You can communicate with these people through their Avatar personas, invite your friends or family to meet and discover what a 3D-like social network can really be as little Minutians.

The sense of presence with others who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away in real life, is remarkable within the Isle of Minutia, whether you are looking to just spend some getaway time at the end of the day or discover an adventurous place to take imaginary hikes rain or shine. You never know what you are going to find do you?. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy the Isle of Minutia, we want you to have fun and explore the adventure which is very much like a Miniature World experience from the little peoples' perspective... looking out ;-)

Getting started

  • If you are new to the Isle of Minutia software and some quick instructions, Click here.
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