• Q. When I start The Isle of Minutia, or shortly thereafter, it freezes. How can I fix this? A. Try backing up, in many cases you may simply be entangled in an object, trees and bushes with branches can often create a sense that you can't move. If you are truly stuck you can go to your Teleport Menu and click Home. Alternatively hit your F9 key and select the Worlds Tab, then click on Minutia to return to the start, that is as quick an escape as any.

    If your screen is truly frozen and there is no sign of movement or animations or sound, then your system and/or video card may not have enough memory to support a 3D environment of this nature, some Intel cards may even show a black screen, in this case the best you may be able to do is select from the Options Menu/Settings/Graphics and check Software Renderer and restart Minutia. Generally speaking a dedicated video card with lots of memory aids performance significanty. Finally you can try resizing the window so that you are not running in full-screen. This can actually help quite a bit on slower systems and laptops.

  • Q. When I start The Isle of Minutia, or shortly thereafter, it crashes. How can I fix this? A. There are many possible causes for this problem. You should first verify that your system meets the minimum requirements to run The Isle of Minutia. If it does, we suggest trying the following steps in order. After each step, try to start The Isle of Minutia again. If the problem is not solved, move on to the next step.
    Locate the folder called "cache" in your Minutia folder and delete it.

    It is possible that you have an old driver for your video card that needs updating. Make sure that you have the very latest video driver installed for your video card. You can get the latest driver for your card from your video card manufacturer's web site. You can usually locate this web site by doing a web search for your video card. See the Video Problems page for more information and details about upgrading your video driver.

    Try changing your display depth to 16 bits - some video cards (especially many older cards in the Voodoo family) work better when your screen is set to 16 bit color (also known as "high color".) To change your display depth, right click on the Windows desktop, select Properties, and click on the Settings tab.

    Upgrade to the latest version of DirectX - the latest version is available at www.microsoft.com/directx/homeuser/downloads/default.asp.

    Check for Windows Updates as well at: http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/.

    Try changing to Software Mode by clicking on OPTIONS - SETTINGS - VIDEO, or you can do this by locating the Minutia folder, opening the aworld.ini file and making the following changes: [video] mode=2

    An old, partially deleted, or corrupted install of Internet Explorer may be present on your system. Downloading and installing the latest version of Internet Explorer from www.microsoft.com/ie can fix this problem.

    You may have a virus or disk problem on your PC. Try running a virus scan, and run the Windows ScanDisk utility to check your hard disk for problems. Also make sure that you have at least 50 megabytes of free space on your hard disk.

    As a last resort, you can try un-installing and re-installing The Isle of Minutia completely. Click here for more information.
  • Q. I can get the Isle of Minutia to start in Direct3D or OpenGL mode, but I see a lot of strange rendering problems, or it crashes a lot. What can I do? A. By far the most common cause for this sort of problem is an old video card driver. It is extremely important that you have the latest driver for your video card installed in order for the Isle of Minutia to run well in 3D acclerated mode. Click here for more information.

  • Q. When I try to increase the size of my 3D window or change the layout of my browser, I get an error and the 3D window won't resize. Why is that? A. This problem occurs most often while running in either Direct3D or OpenGL modes on video cards with low amounts of video memory (usually 4 megabytes or less.) The problem is that the screen buffer for the 3D window must be stored in the same memory on your video card where textures are also stored. If this memory fills up (which can easily happen in worlds with a lot of textures), the browser will be unable to allocate any more memory for a larger screen buffer, which in turn prevents the 3D window from being enlarged.

    You can sometimes work around this problem by exiting the Isle of Minutia and restarting. After the restart, try quickly resizing your 3D window to a larger size before many textures have time to load and fill up your video memory.

    Also, consider upgrading to a video card with more memory. Video cards with 16 megabytes or more of memory won't normally have this problem.

  • Q. What can I do to improve the performance of The Isle of Minutia? A. The single most effective way to improve performance in The Isle of Minutia is to run in either Direct3D or OpenGL hardware accelerated mode. Both of these modes require a modern video card with 3D hardware acceleration, and can provide dramatic performance improvements over the default software rendering mode.

    Other things you can do to improve performance are to close other applications while running The Isle of Minutia, add more RAM to your system (especially if you currently have 64 megs or fewer), and to keep your minimum visibility set no higher than 40 meters at all times under the performance settings

  • Q. Whenever I try to send a file to another user it always fails. What's going wrong? A. You are probably running behing a firewall or proxy server that is blocking inbound TCP connections. See firewalls for more information.

  • Q. The "Total Time Online" feature seems way off...I was only on for an hour or two today but it says I've been online for days. Whats up? A. Your total time online displayed in your Minutian Profile is the total amount of time you have spent in the Isle of Minutia, for all login sessions. It is not the time you have spent logged in just this one time. The time you have spent logged in during each session will be added to your total time online when you log out.
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