• To visit the Isle of Minutia, simply launch the browser by double-clicking on the Minutia icon on your desktop. You can also launch the browser by clicking on the Windows Start button, selecting Programs, then going to the Minutia group and selecting Minutia.

    To start Minutia, you must have an active Internet connection established. After starting the browser, you will first see a splash screen briefly as the browser is connecting to the system. Once a connection has been established, this screen will disappear automatically. If you have trouble getting connected, or receive an error message after starting Minutia, please read our FAQs. If you cannot find an answer there, contact customer support.

    At this point, it is possible that there may be a new version of Minutia available. If there is, you will see a dialog box offering you an upgrade. Unless this is a forced upgrade, you can choose to accept the new version now or skip the upgrade now and get it later. Click here to learn more about automatic upgrades.

    The login dialog will now come up:

    Those who hold an annual Minutia Passport should simply click on the "Minutians" button at the bottom to log in.

  • Once you have logged in or if you are already running Isle of Minutia, navigation could not be simpler than using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move in all directions.

    As you become more adept, you can also select different camera views so you can see yourself (your Avatar). Tapping your keyboard's END key will toggle you through all the different views available. There is an additional option to zoom in or out with the Forward slash or Asterick at the top of your number pad. People using laptops without a number pad may have to select from the OPTIONS menu, Configure Controls. Select camera views carefully especially when you are within buildings or under ground in caves, it is always best to use 1st person perspective for the least amount of disorientation. Just Tap the HOME key anytime to return to to the 'view within your head'.

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