As mentioned in "Getting Started" navigating around within Minutia is dead simple, with the use of the arrow keys to move in any direction, you can virtually go anywhere you want. The END key toggles through the various camera views and the HOME key gets you back into your head in first person perspective.

There are however additional benefits of being in a cyber portal like Minutia and some of the laws of physics can be or appear warped a bit and one of those warps is the option to teleport anywhere you wish within the Isle of Minutia and remember this world occupies all 3 dimensions as you will discover some parts of Minutia are not at ground level at all! Check your altitude occasionally ;-)

You can explore the option in the menu bar at your leisure but lets look at a few of the highlights.

  • FILE Like most programs on the PC, the File Menutends to show first and is where you can exit the program of click the little X in the upper right corner. SOme settings are saved for the next time you come in. Each time you visit Minutia more and more of the world is cached on your computer so that it loads faster as you spend more time there. There are well over 30,000 objects that make up this little Isle and that is not counting the many colors and patterns you see.

  • TELEPORT As mentioned a great way to get back to specific locations you may have saved, and this menu is where you will find your favorites and where you can set the Home location for where you come into the Minutia when you first arrive. Have fun selecting different areas and saving the ones that are hard to find. The TAB of Tabs on the left of the screen will also come up if you hit the F9 key and that is where you will find all the locations you have saved listed under the Teleport Tab.
  • VIEW The View menu reminds you of all the different camera views you can have, among them Look up and Look down by hitting the PAGEup and PAGEdn keys on your keyboard.
  • OPTIONS Under the Option Menu, you will probably be using the Settings and Minutian Profile more than anything, See Optimizing your Computer and Browser Settings for a more detailed explanation, suffice here to say that the Settings option offers a lot of ways for slower computer systems to best perform in these kinds of 3D environments. The Minutian Profile is only available to Passport Holders and allows people to see a log of hours spent in Minutia and other personal information, like passwords.
  • SHOW You will notice in the Show Menu all the FKeys you can use to configure the screen just as you wish to. Generally it is recommended that you keep the main menu Bar up as well as the Chat box at the bottom in case someone is trying to communicate with you. Otherwise many people like the full screen experience which as with so many programs is achieved by holding ALT and tapping your ENTER Key. One piece of good advise is to commit to memory CTRL F1 because that brings back the main menu bar! CTRL F1 F2 and F3 are the most valuable to be able to toggle on and off we have found.

    The Gesture option can be fun in a crowd as is the importance of the Whisper option if you are in a crowd and want to speak privately to another person, if they are within range, simply select them from the Whisper Menu to talk only to them. Comments made in Whisper mode are completely private and are not logged in the system which by default is monitoring all public chat for any rude or obnoxious profanity upon which a vistor may be ejected for a specifc amount of time. You can always right mouse over a person's avatar and select "Mute" if they are bothering you.
  • LOGIN If you want to login under another account or even go back to being a tourist for a while, that is about all there is to this menu item. Priveleges can only be assigned by an official of Minutia, look around for the Safari Vehicle if you need to chat with someone who can help you. Artist3d was Minutia's chief architect and designer so he can be extremely helpful if you are having any technical difficulties.
  • AVATARS This is pretty self-explanitory, normally visitors will see only two active Avatars available, a male or a female "tourist" and you can feel free to enjoy Minutia as a tourist for as long as you want, however the rest of the Avatars plus teh customize Avatar option will only be available to you if you purchase a Minutia Passport even if only by the month.
  • Tools The Tool Menu is for interactive presentations which may be come active from time to time, for the most those options are not available to anyone but the 'powers that be' ;-)
  • HELP Finally there is this Help option which you are reading now. While a lot of people don't read or need manuals these days as more and more of us become technologically more intuitive, it is always good to have a reference for little things that seem to be not working and should. The solutions for most computer configurations are here and we hope you take some time to read a bit, but certainly do not hesitate to contact customer support if it just seems easier. We are here to make your experience of Isle of Minutia as fun and enjoyable as possible.

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