. HELP INDEX TWEAKS AND OPTIMIZATION Keyboard Commands (Print Friendly Version Here)

Although we have attempted to make navigating within Minutia as easy and intuitive as possible, there are a number of keyboard commands that can be useful and sometime helpful in some situations.


ARROW KEYS - for moving forward, back and left or right.

CTRL KEY - While moving with the arrow keys a quick tap of either CTRL key will double your speed to allow you to 'run'.


END KEY tapping the END KEY will toggle you through the four main camera perspectives so you can see yourself. The first tap gives you a view from behind your avatar. The second tap is the most flexible perspective because you can see yourself not only from the back but you can use the arrow keys to rotate around yourself causing the landscape to shift. As well you can use the PageUp and PageDn keys to look up or down on your avatar. The third taps allow you to look directly at your avatar from the front and again the arrow keys and PageUp and PageDn keys let you rotate all around. A forth tap of the END KEY puts you back in 1st person perspective as does hitting the...
HOME KEY to get back inside your head (1st person perspective, especially recommended inside buildings. The HOME KEY is also used to switch out from remote camera perspectives that you come across from time to time.

PAGEup can be used in various camera perspectives but in 1st person perspective most useful to look up or level your view in conjunction with the...
PAGEdn to look down or level your view

MOVERS: Vehicles, horses, dragons etc.

Objects that can be ridden like Hoverboards, Blimps, Vehicles, Planes and Horses just need to be clicked and you are placed in position to use them or be automatically taken to different locations. For instance horses with saddles can be clicked to ride them, to get off the horse you just click the saddle again. Hitting the F12 key also exits any moving object

IMPOSSIBLY STUCK? Select the Teleport Menu and click HOME, You can save any location as your 'home' if you wish under the Teleport Menu by selecting Save this Location and you can rename it too!

F KEYS: AKA The 'Show' Menu F7: closes or opens the web browser window, if you for instance click on the Help menu, User Guide.

F8: Toggles your Whisper Option which is used weh you want to chat privately with someone close by, no-one in the vacinity can see your private chat except the person you have selected in the dropdown menu.

F9 is the most important FKey at the top of your keyboard, it brings up the main set of TABS for accessing Telegrams and saved Teleport locations. From here you can right mouse your contact list and add friends if you are logged in as a citizen or pre-citizen. Once you add a contact you can see if they are online by the check marke beside them, plus you can right mouse their name to join them or invite them to wherever you are.

F12: Very useful for 'getting off at your stop' if you happen to be inside a vehicle, moving object or flying a dragon, you will immediately fall out of the Sky ;-) - For instance if you are riding a horse by clicking on a saddle and want to quickly get off tap your F12 key once.

HOLDING a CTRL KEY AND tapping F1 through F4 allows you to toggle all menus and extraneous windows on or off.

ALT RETURN As with so many programs holding ALT and Tapping the Return Key with toggle Full Screen Mode


AVATAR LIST is yours to choose from, Customizing your Avatar is only available to annual citizenship holders.

VISIBILITY MENU the longer you are in and around Minutia the farther you can see if you select higher visibility. Some areas are very dense with objects so that setting visibility back a bit can smooth out your ability to move. It is nice from high places and lookouts to set visibility to maximum even temporarily.

Screenshots there is a little camera icon at the bottom of your screen for taking any snapshots you wish to take, they are stored in your Minutia folder on your hard drive.

THE HELP MENU has a lot of other information on how to chat, whisper privately and other features.

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