The Minutia Passport is a highly prized addition to the Isle of Minutia experience. It costs a few bucks but an Annual Minutia Passport makes you a truely committed Minutian. As a bonified Minutian citizen you will have access to special features added to your account. Only Minutia Passport holders are authorized to claim rewards or prizes that you can come across while in Minutia.

    The Isle of Minutia is a simulated natural world with forests and rivers and all kinds of cool places to discover. It is a theme park of sorts reflecting many of Miniature World's most popular themes. We have purposely made it a primarily earth-bound experience where hiking is a major aspect of getting around and where there are some great places to roam. Lots of surprises are out there in them thar hills so stay alert!

    As you become more acclimatized to the Minutian environment, you will begin to notice things that change, often subtle, items may appear or disappear depending on something as simple as the time of day and lighting which may reveal items that may otherwise be hard to see. Rest assured though, that in this miniature cyber portal, a single day passes in only two hours, so there are plenty of opportunities that repeat. It is a bit of a chess game of sorts too, so no promises are made as to what prizes and rewards are to be found but those with keen observational abilities and perseverence will likely find some surprises.

    The first major challenge is scheduled to officially begin January 1st, 2013, so get to know Minutia now. Minutia Passports can be earned by finding the 10 individual Passport Stamps found throughout Minutia or simply purchased here at http://www.minutia.ca/passports

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