3D environments are by nature designed to be real-time and accessible by a wide variety of technology so they are extremely configurable and Minutia is no different. We offer technical support both through email support (at) minutia.ca and 'inworld'. While in Minuta, if you happen to see someone by the name of Artist3d or Administrator, feel free to message him and have a chat, he can be very helpful in making sure you have the best settings. If you have a Minutia Passport, add him to your contacts!

You can always explore the menu options and help files first, a lot of options are pretty self-evident. The Tabs that pop up when you select Settings from the Option Menu can be briefly described as follows:

  • TAB - General: allows you to adjust various miscellaneous options, including whether sound is currently enabled, and also your preferred maximum content rating.
  • TAB - Performance: allows you to adjust several parameters that can affect the performance (or "frame rate") of Minutia .
  • TAB - Disk Usage: allows you to control how much disk space Minutia uses to cache 3D art to your hard drive which makes for a faster loading world each time you visit.
  • TAB - Video: allows you to choose between Direct3D, OpenGL, or software mode for rendering 3D graphics (automatically configured).
  • TAB - Downloads: allows you to limit the maximum size of certain types of files that are downloaded from the web, best to allow unlimited.
  • TAB - Privacy: allows you to limit certain types of information that other Minutia users can learn about you.
  • TAB - Chat: allows you to set various options related to avatars and chatting with other users and whether chats are archived on your computer.
  • TAB - Web: allows you to control how Minutia displays web pages.
  • TAB - Advanced: allows you to adjust certain advanced options, including which message file is currently in use by the Minutia browser to display certain text in the correct language.

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