ISLE OF MINUTIA: Live Online 24/7 (Windows or Mac Computer Required*)
A great virtual field trip to an enchanted Isle. Come and discover the latest extension of our Greatest Little Show on Earth in Miniature World's new Isle of Minutia!

To become 'miniature'. Explore this unique, family-friendly, 3D world based on some of Miniature World's most popular displays. You will not only be able to visit a tiny 3D Miniature World as it exists in downtown Victoria BC, you'll be able to virtually walk into, at ground level, such scenes as the Land of Gulliver or time travel back to Calgary 1890's, into the future to Space 2201 and much more. Families and friends can meet online simultaneously and share this phenomenal little world together as miniature 'Minutians'.

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* "Rewards" in any number of forms may be offered to Minutian citizens periodically at the exclusive discretion of the management of the Isle of Minutia and its various participating sponsors, Claiming a reward may require completion of various challenges and skill-testing problems presented within the Isle of Minutia's online environment. Miniature World, its affiliates and the Isle of Minutia maintain exclusive rights to final decisions and to verify whether such goals have been met in a fair and legitimate way before rewards are confirmed and delivered to successful Minutian citizens.

All decisions are final. You must hold a valid Minutian Citizenship Passport to participate in challenges that involve any rewards. Cash reward Challenges may involve a fee to participate.

Passport Citizenship holders working in the miniature industry have an option to also rent a little shop in any one of the many theme areas creating a unique active link back to Facebook, Twitter or websites! Contact support (at) to inquire.

Recommended System Requirements: A MAC or PC COMPUTER - Pentium 4 CPU 1.3 mhz or greater - 4 Gig RAM - Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 - DirectX 7 or later - Windows Media Player 6.4 or later - Dedicated 3D video card with at least 1 Gig and the latest drivers.
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